Sponsor a Child

Kayan is sponsoring more than 3000 handicapped children in five governorates (Cairo - Beni Suef -Minia- Assiut - Sohag) Provides them with rehabilitation services, special education, building their capacities, speech, and physical therapy, and family counseling, and qualify them to get their right to life The needs of children in [...]

Sponsor an assistive Device

Prosthetic devices are basic and auxiliary tools for people with disabilities to compensate for the imbalance and deficit, which suffer, and help them improve their lives and integrate them into society and ease of movement and self-reliance. Prosthetic devices mean a lot to the lives of persons with disabilities Devices [...]

Sponsor a Small Business

A disabled child's family suffer from the burden of accumulated and growing addition to the basic burdens, particularly in poor provinces, where scarce curative and rehabilitative services for their children than force them to isolate the children and the denial of their existence and neglecting their treatment and care The [...]

Sponsor a Rehabilitation unit

According to the World Health Organization studies proved that local units rehabilitation within poor villages are the best ways to intervene to provide a decent life and the initial services to improve the lives of persons with disabilities The Meaning local rehabilitation unit: is a unit of simple processing that [...]