Sponsor a Medical Device

Prosthetic devices are basic and auxiliary tools for people with disabilities to compensate for the imbalance and deficit, which suffer, and help them improve their lives and integrate them into society and ease of movement and self-reliance. Prosthetic devices mean a lot to the lives of persons with disabilities

Devices for people with motor disabilities (wheelchair - compensatory device - walker - children with cerebral palsy chair - splints)

Estimated cost of the device (2000 - 4000 Egyptian pounds)
Prosthetic devices for people with hearing disabilities: Medical headphones (1000 - 1500 pounds)
Devices for the visually impaired: white stick- eyeglasses - publications in Braille (1000 - 2000 Egyptian pounds)

You can donate directly to the account number 59 488 - Faysal Bank
Or call to receive an official delegate assembly and certified to deliver
Tel: 24662717 to 24660528 - 01111106491

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