Sponsor a Small Business

A disabled child's family suffer from the burden of accumulated and growing addition to the basic burdens, particularly in poor provinces, where scarce curative and rehabilitative services for their children than force them to isolate the children and the denial of their existence and neglecting their treatment and care
The child's family need to support the psychological and physical support, and you need to provide a permanent source of income to help them bear the cost of child care and bring it to safety
Ensure the project the family = provide small business generates a steady income to support the rehabilitation of the disabled child and help the family to endure the difficulties of life expenses

The small value of the project ranged between 3000 - 5000 pounds

You can donate directly to the account number 59 488 - Faysal Bank
Or call to receive an official delegate assembly and certified to deliver
Tel: 24662717 to 24660528 - 01111106491

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